Modern Healthcare: “New initiative provides tools for health systems to re-invest in impoverished communities”

Writing for Modern Healthcare, Steven Ross Johnson highlights how our new toolkit series is providing a key resource for a growing movement of hospitals and health systems aligning their business operations for healthier communities:

While major academic centers in urban areas have grown in both prestige and revenue over time, the surrounding neighborhoods in many instances have not fared as well. The result has led to hospitals becoming major economic engines within the communities they serve, with some serving as the largest employer after other industries leave.

Many health systems have attempted to address the effects of poverty within their surrounding communities by employing initiatives focused on alleviating the social determinants that lead to poor health outcomes. Efforts have included health screenings, food drives and programs aimed at preventing poor eating habits, smoking and gun violence.

But a new initiative launched Tuesday aims to go beyond such community benefit programs to give hospitals incentives to use their hiring, purchasing and investing power as a means of revitalizing underserved communities to improve the health of their residents […]

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