Creating Connections

Overcoming barriers for local and diverse vendors

“Connection strategies” focus on connecting existing local and diverse vendors to contracting opportunities within your institution. Often, traditional procurement practices create barriers for local and diverse vendors—even cost-competitive local and diverse vendors. Adjusting internal practices to facilitate connections with local vendors not only shifts procurement dollars in a way that fosters local employment, which in turn promotes community health, but it also grows these businesses over time, allowing for a more responsive and resilient supply chain.

Critical Strategies

Core elements of localizing your spend

  • Shift from lowest price to best value
  • Establish local/diverse spending goals
  • Embed goals into RFPs & contracting processes
  • Conduct outreach & education ...

Program Design Strategies

Best practices for establishing a buy-local initiative

  • Focus on “moveable spend”
  • Leverage upcoming projects
  • Align with other initiatives
  • Unbundle contracts
  • Create a full-time coor...

Partnership strategies

Tools to scale local purchasing efforts

  • Develop partnerships with the local business community
  • Leverage long-term contracts with distributors, aggregators, and contractors to achieve procurement goals