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The Hospitals Aligned for Healthy Communities toolkit series is designed to provide hospital and health system leadership and department managers with the steps to begin to harness their everyday business practices to drive community health and well-being. This toolkit offers a guide for how to leverage hiring practices to advance inclusive, local job creation and career development for communities experiencing the greatest health and wealth disparities.

The toolkit is divided into multiple sections: the Overview provides a broad look at why inclusive, local hiring is important. Case studies from six institutions provide an in-depth look at how hospitals and health systems are implementing this work on the ground and the key strategies they are employing. The Strategies section outlines the specific processes and practices needed to build an inclusive, local hiring pipeline, focusing on how to move residents Outside-In and then Inside-Up. The accompanying Infographic visualizes how these strategies work together. Diving In highlights places to get started, identifying quick wins and providing a checklist that institutions can apply over time. Big Questions helps to get clarity on what matters to your mission. Laying the Foundations focuses on institutionalizing these practices, providing worksheets to begin and guide the conversation at your institution. Overcoming Barriers highlights solutions institutions have employed to address challenges. The Return on Investment section provides language and metrics to measure for assessing business impact. And More Resources includes additional tools and templates from health systems about their efforts, as well as further reading and research on inclusive, local hiring and engaged anchor institution strategies.

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