Inside-Up Strategies

Connecting frontline workers to pathways for career advancement

“Inside-Up” refers to internal strategies that connect frontline workers to pathways for career advancement within the institution. Local hiring initiatives do not end at the moment of hire. The success of programs lies in employee retention and employee advancement, not only to fully capture the benefits of the hire for that particular position, but also to ensure the long-term sustainability of the program. Career advancement opportunities for frontline workers ensure that more entry-level positions open up for local residents, thus keeping the pipeline moving. Furthermore, employees brought in through pipeline initiatives can maximize their investment in training programs when their job is connected to a career ladder and they have opportunities to move up to higher-skill jobs with higher wages and benefits.

Critical Strategies

Core elements of building career pathways

  • Offer job coaching for new hires and map out potential career pathways
  • Provide tuition assistance for trainings accessible to frontline employees
  • Locate training programs...

Program design strategies

Best practices for facilitating internal advancement

  • Utilize a cohort training model focused on specific positions
  • Partner with local educational institutions and community organizations
  • Provide additional...

Institutional strategies

Tools to sustain and embed programming

  • Connect forecasting, training, and hiring departments
  • Connect programming to health system diversity and outreach goals

Other Resources

CareerSTAT is a network of healthcare leaders formed to champion the business case for investing in frontline workers.