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CareerSTAT is a network of healthcare leaders formed to champion the business case for investing in frontline workers. It uses the power of business-to-business collaboration to engage additional healthcare employers and provide them with models of effective workforce development practices and methods for measuring business outcomes from these investments. Through its Frontline Health Care Worker Champion program, CareerSTAT recognizes exemplary employers who make a sustained commitment to investing in frontline workers. It also provides an array of resources that document effective workforce practices and business impact across the healthcare continuum. For engaged employers, CareerSTAT offers technical assistance for frontline workforce development and impact analysis. CareerSTAT is an initiative of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions and Jobs for the Future and is generously supported by the Joyce Foundation. To learn more about CareerSTAT visit: www.nationalfund.org/careerstat.

Critical Strategies

Core elements of building career pathways

  • Offer job coaching for new hires and map out potential career pathways
  • Provide tuition assistance for trainings accessible to frontline employees
  • Locate training programs...

Program design strategies

Best practices for facilitating internal advancement

  • Utilize a cohort training model focused on specific positions
  • Partner with local educational institutions and community organizations
  • Provide additional...

Institutional strategies

Tools to sustain and embed programming

  • Connect forecasting, training, and hiring departments
  • Connect programming to health system diversity and outreach goals