Measure your workforce baseline

Key ways to assess your current workforce and existing commitments


Current demographic and racial/ethnic profile of your workforce:

  • Sorted by position type (e.g. frontline, mid-level, leadership)
  • Sorted by wage level


Where does your workforce currently live?

  • By city
  • By zip code
  • Percentage in your surrounding zip codes

Where do applicants currently live?

  • By city
  • By zip code
  • Percentage in your surrounding zip codes

Data Infrastructure

  • How is the data about employee demographics stored? What software is used?
  • Is this maintained by human resources or at a department level?
  • Are there barriers to tracking this sort of employee data?
  • Is it easy to track when and where an employee moves within the institution (i.e., if they switch departments to move into a higher paying job)?


Does your institution have goals to increase diversity?

  • For the institution as a whole?
  • In specific areas, such as in leadership?
  • If so, what are these goals? To whom are they reported?

Community Comparison

  • What are staff demographics in comparison to community demographics?

Hiring Process

  • Average number of applications per position posting
  • Average number of applications per month
  • Percentage interviewed
  • Percentage hired
  • Percentage of applicants that re-apply

Turnover and Forecasting

  • Overall turnover rate
  • Positions with high turnover
  • Termination rate
  • Positions that will be affected by retirement or other workforce trends

Survey your workforce policies and practices

Which policies and processes are working? Which are barriers to success?

Map your community's assets

You know your community needs jobs—but do you know the strengths it can offer?

Identify your partners

A workforce pipeline doesn't have to be built alone—who will be on your team?

Design around data and metrics

What are you going to measure to assess success, and how are you going to measure it?

Plan for sustainability

How do you institutionalize programs and get the whole team on board?